Zodiacs and the Lower East Side
An Interactive Web Work by:

Kristine Tonski
Cynthia Beth Rubin
Yona Verwer


Miriam Aranoff and Elissa Sampson
Mazalot Paintings at Stanton

Jill Hammer
Tel Shemesh

Michel Garel, ed
D'une main Forte: manuscrits hébreux collections françaises
Paris, Seuil 1991

Elissa Sampson, interview conducted by Yona Verwer
© Sampson and Verwer, 2015

Music and Sound

Traditional Yiddish songs,
performed by Sylvia Rubin Tepperman
recorded by Sydney R. Rubin
© Rubin Family archives

Electronic music - assorted excerpts
Composed by Bob Gluck
Vocals (when present) by Zoe Zak
© Bob Gluck

Visual Source Material

Original Photographs
© Cynthia Beth Rubin / Yona Verwer

Historic Photographs
© Rubin Family Archives

Zodiac Images from Historic Hebrew Manuscripts and Artifacts

Source Imagery in the Public Domain:
Hebrew Manuscript 685, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Moïse Maïmonide, Samuel ben Yehûdah ibn Tibbon. Dalālaẗ al-ḥāʾrīn (hébreu). Ferrare (Italie) 1470

Hebrew Manuscript 1120, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Southern Germany, 1480 - 1500

Digital and Analog Paintings
Cynthia Beth Rubin / Yona Verwer